Viking SIP Loud Ringer with Visual Ring

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The SR-IP is a SIP compliant PoE powered audio device for providing audible and visual ring indication for SIP VoIP phone systems. When registered with a SIP server, the SR-IP will ring in one of 4 programmable ring patterns and flash a bright red LED upon ring detection. During ring detection the unit’s internal relay contacts will also activate providing a trigger for a Viking SL-2 Strobe Light or LPL-1 Visual Ring Indicator.

Equipped with a high efficiency Class D power amplifier and high quality loud speaker, the SR-IP is typically louder than a telephone speaker. The advanced features of the SR-IP include programmable Automatic Gain Control (AGC) technology which automatically increases ring volume to compensate for moderate background ambient noise. The AGC feature is ideal for variable noise environments (offices, classrooms, restaurants, etc.), and ensures that ringing is heard but not unnecessarily loud.