Viking Remote Touch Tone Controller

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The RC-2A Remote Controller provides remote relay operation from any standard touch tone telephone.

The controller is designed to be installed either locally or remotely. For local installations the RC-2A can be installed in parallel on any analog communications path, such as analog CO lines, analog PABX / KSU stations or with Viking’s W-Series Doorboxes, and will passively monitor for touch tone commands. For off-premise applications, the RC-2A will answer analog CO lines or PABX / KSU stations after a selectable ring delay. A field programmable access code can be programmed to prevent unauthorized usage, and then the RC-2A can be activated to allow remote relay operation.


  • Programmable access code
  • Normally open or normally closed relay
  • Selectable relay closure times
  • Selectable ring delay (1,2, 6, or 15)
  • Easy installation with modular jacks and screw terminals
  • Automatic disconnect or return to secure mode after 60 seconds
  • Power multiple units from one adapter